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What is Electronic writing board ?


Electronic writing board---- Transparent toughened glass, the transmittance rate reached 99%, not broken, no radiation,strong brightness, high hardness, with no scratches for many years, easy to transport.

Our led writing board is used for advertising, illuminated signs, rewritable, which illuminate your message stand out, adopt the latest LED technology.




Electronic writing board with competitive price---- Restaurants,Hotel,Shopping Mall,Supermarket,Stores,Coffee Shops,Pubs,Bars,Night Clubs,Disco,and any place you want to release information.



1)Handwriting---- It's the distinctive way of communicating messages to customers. This offers a more intimate message than one that is typed or stamped out. It adds that personal touch that will set your message apart from the rest.
2)Can be cleaned---- All you have to do is wipe off the board with a soft cloth and re-write your new message. The sign can be as decorative or plain as you want it to be since you have total control over what is on it.
3)Brilliant & Fluorescent effects---- The special fluorescent ink in our markets makes the board come to life when turned on. The light transmission through the markers creates a bright and colorful display that is sure to attract customers.
4)Light Source Long life---- The bright LED light source has a long life span and ensures more than 100,000 hours of light.
5)Energy Conservation---- Super energy-saving: 500 hours of continuous light power consumption is only about 1degree.Normal use, power consumption was six months.
6)Flexible Holding Method---- Tripod supporting and hook design make your advertisement come to alive. You can put it at any place to promote your products.
7)Easy to Carry---- Super thin and lightweight



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